Month: November 2014

Away Writer’s Block! Tips and Tricks

“I know what I’m going to blog about today! Writer’s block!” I announced, mentally of course. Shortly after my “Idea Eruka!” I was pacing around with–you guessed it–writer’s block. OH, the irony.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t actually suffer from writer’s block… I suffer from writer’s great wall of China.

Many writers will choose to take a break from writing until an idea bubbles to the surface of the sea of grey matter within their heads. In fact, our best work always tends to be our spontaneous work. As a student with deadlines, I can’t just sit around with a bag of chips until that damn stubborn wall gets a call congratulating it on winning a trip to the Bahamas and finally packs it’s bag of bricks and moves out of my head–I need solutions, fast!

Here is what I came up with, it’s based off of my own experiences, please note that all writers take different approaches when battling the Wall. Regardless, I hope this helps!

  1. Details Put your senses to use my friend! Notice the little things, look for poetry in everything. It doesn’t have to be something new and interesting, it isn’t always about travelling new lengths, sometimes it’s looking at things from a new perspective.
  2. People Watch Having trouble coming up with a spunky, eccentric character? Tired of always writing from a stereotypical Mary-Jane perspective? Take a look around you! There are hundreds of people passing by you every day, each of them lead vastly different lives, let your mind slip into their shoes and wander. Observe the way they look: pale lifeless eyes, legs the size of tree stumps somehow magically supported by 3 inch heels, artistic guy taking hipster to the next level–hand pick your characters from DNA that’s already been prearranged for you!
  3. Eavesdrop Just think of yourself as James Bond. Not only do you walk away with a pocket full of ideas, you get to feel like a secret agent, win win. Stephen King himself uses snippets from conversations to start his stories off. Trust me, there are some interesting topics being discussed out there…
  4. Read this is my favourite thing to do when I draw to a blank. Whether it be snuggling up on your favourite couch with a blanket and paperback, or going online to scroll through quotes, digesting the words will help. Words are a writer’s fuel. If you find a book that really hooks you, by the time you put it down, your mind is probably screaming with ideas and words of your own. (After I read, my brain spits out random sentences that could have been plucked out of a novel–I just need to figure out a way to write a story based off those few sentences… easier said than done… brain! Give me more!)
  5. Find Your Space And Time Each writer has their own time during the day where they are the most inspired, discover when your time is. Also, find your writing space. If you always write in your bedroom at 9PM you will begin to develop a habit, and being in the space during that specific time can help you greatly. (These times are usually not convenient, mine is 11PM-3AM… I have school the next morning! Even worse, my parents threw away my writing couch… needless to say I took a 2 month break from writing. Oops!)

If you have any tips and tricks of your own, don’t just keep them to yourself! C’mon, help a fellow writer out, sharing is caring!


12:30 AM

There’s a pain in my chest when the lights go out. When the busy streets no longer hum and silence falls upon the night. Right in the middle, between my ribs, there’s a rock lodged in my heart demanding to be felt. Poison seeping into my veins; flowing out from my eyes. It fills me from head to toe, but it can’t conquer me. Tables turn when the sun rises, I’m in control. I paint layers of white onto my thoughts. I stack brick on brick on brick. Battles won; battles lost.

I am happy.

I am happy, I am happy, I am happy; oh but I am sad.