Month: February 2015

Writing Rituals


I recently stumbled across a saying—a tip—for writers: “Go where the pain is.” It makes sense for us to write more when are hurting because that is when our emotions are unleashed. When we are hurting would it not be better to let ink flow from our pens than tears from our eyes? It is true that happiness can also fill us from head to toe, but when we are happy we tend to want to live in the moment. Who would want to step back from the energy to curl up and write?

At night all the chaos is removed from our surroundings; we are no longer caught up with the little things and we are left with all of our afterthoughts. This gives us an opportunity to reflect on the week’s events, on things that have rushed past our head—on all the pain we’ve managed to bury—leaving us lying wide awake in our beds at 3 am in the morning.