Month: April 2015

Arden’s Storm

Rain came down in sheets; thick curtains which refused to be drawn. Arden Williams pressed an unsteady hand against the cold window pane. A whirlwind of bullets cascaded into the fragile glass, dissipating upon contact. Her hand absorbed the rhythmic beat tap-dancing wildly on the other side, she let the rhythm travel through her, let the steady drumming fill her; let it re-energize her. She smiled—an act which has become foreign, and raced down the stairs.

The door flung open. One second she was flesh and bones, the soles of her bare feet slapping the floor, the second later she was gone, leaving not a trace behind. She had simply vanished into the void; her thin body greedily devoured by the ever raging rain. She was soaked instantly; the air was stolen from her lungs, her mind panicked as she struggled to visualize her surroundings. She never should have left the warm cocoon of her home, yet she refused to turn back.  She pushed along for what seemed to her like an eternity, until her feet left the hard sidewalk pavement and nested in damp grass. She screamed. (more…)