Month: May 2016

Update on Nothing


Catching up with my friend, Lucy.

Some old guy snatched every Lord of the Rings novel off the shelf before I could. He looks like he’s had about 60 years to borrow those books. Why now? Now that I’ve decided to give them a try? I headed straight for the science-fiction aisle and scooped up their entire collection of Philip K. Dick novels. Just in case the old guy wanted to borrow them too. Now he can’t.

(I’m kidding. I didn’t take them all… I left three!)

That’s what I’ve been up to. Seeing some friends and reading some books. Eye in the Sky is a fun ride. Dr. Futurity is fantastic. Neither are as trippy as Flow My Tears the Policeman Said, or the classic, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. A Scanner Darkly doesn’t come close.

I’m reading as much as I can before I start work. Yeah. Work. Someone actually hired me. I’d tell you what store but I’m a paranoid. My manager will somehow, despite all odds, stumble across my blog and fire me for being such a dork.

She’s probably reading this right now. I gotta go.

(My mind is a junkyard. I roam beneath dark clouds, late at night, kicking aside scrap metal. It’s going to be a tough mess to clean. Start small.)