Whose Eyebrows????

This morning I woke up and saw a silver coin in the sky—I closed my eyes because I knew coins weren’t meant to levitate—it could fall at any moment—I did not want to be blinded—I had a friend who I saw all the time and—the more you see someone the more familiar they become—she became stranger and stranger. I couldn’t recognize her with her new eyebrows—I was scared—I never talked to her again. You should never make your PowerPoint background white is what I’m trying to say.

Dead Bird Spins on a Smiths Record

Dead bird(1) spins(2) on a Smiths(3) record(4).

  1. There are infinite layers of waking, infinite layers of sleep. Peeling inward, mock-flower blooming in the mind.
  2. The Kaleidoscope is NOT a time machine. It is suspension. Come Spin With Us In The Disco Realm: not all movement is pro/re/gression.
  3. Sing me to sleep (level T5)
  4. Silence is louder than white noise. R e p e a t.